In a class of their own: BINDER CO2 incubators

March 2021 Safe and economical

CO2 chambers for laboratories: Unparalleled safety


BINDER’s incomparable CO2 incubators enjoy an outstanding reputation among scientists worldwide – thanks to a safety concept that provides comprehensive protection against contamination and exceptional working conditions. The members of the scientific community know more than most just how valuable these attributes are. In their line of work, there is nothing more devastating than discovering that cell cultures have become contaminated and ruined entire series of tests. Put simply, CO2 chambers from BINDER are a safe, reliable, smart, and economical choice.


All of BINDER’s incubators – including its CO2 incubators – come with the company’s safety concept built in, taking the pressure off the user and leaving them to concentrate fully on what they do best. BINDER can even accommodate a range of customer-specific requirements in its various product lines.


The CB-S Solid.Line is the perfect choice for routine cell cultivation work, for instance. It provides interior sterilization at 180°C, effectively performing a biological reset when each individual trial series is introduced. Of course, interior conditions have to remain clean while cell cultivation is taking place, and this is something that BINDER guarantees with its seamless inner chamber. Not only that, but the chamber operates entirely without the need for a fan, just like the rest of the product family – so there’s no risk of airborne germs being blown into the cell cultures. With no airborne germs, no places for contamination to hide, and a seamless inner chamber, all of BINDER’s incubators and CO2 incubators have a lot of benefits in common. But the safety concept’s excellent features don’t end there. There are also no fixtures aside from the water pan – another stroke of genius from the developers that prevents contamination occurring even if humidity levels are high. The cold spot on the base of the chamber represents the coolest point inside the unit and is located in the water pan, where excessive humidity can condense without depositing elsewhere in the inner chamber.


The CB series comes with all the safety features mentioned above plus a CO2 sensor that can remain in the unit during hot air sterilization. It’s a truly high-performance piece of equipment that ensures flawless cell cultivation under the very best conditions. The patented CO2 fail-safe function is another useful feature that ensures safety in the event of a fault. This smart tool provides another way for the chamber to adapt intuitively to the situation, maintaining the CO2 concentration in a range that enables the cell cultures to survive if a sensor suffers a defect.


The BINDER CBF unit is a CB chamber with fully fledged humidity regulation. This powerhouse is a favorite choice in GMP environments and is ideally suited to highly sensitive incubation tasks. Sterile hot steam is blown into the unit during humidification, so there is no need for a water pan. There’s simply nothing else like this high-end product on the market.


From standard incubators to CB-S Solid.Line, CB, and CBF units, BINDER is your source for the safest, highest-quality incubators out there. Whatever your needs might be, we have something to suit you.


So why not take a dive into our wonderful world of CO2 incubators?