Freezer with water cooling saves energy

January 2019 Powerful optional equipment

Cool and heat at the same time

The UF V ultra-low-temperature freezer from BINDER is available in an air-cooled version as standard. However, it is also optionally available with water cooling. A freezer with water cooling is a particularly worthwhile purchase for users who already have a cooling water system installed inside their building, as it enables them to put some of the waste heat from their ULT freezer to good use. In this scenario, the waste heat is removed effectively via the cooling water so that it can be used as a practical room heating solution.


By contrast, air-cooled chambers release the waste heat into the room, which then has to be air-conditioned. And if there are several freezers operating in the same room at once, the air-conditioning has to be dimensioned accordingly.
However, those with access to a cooling water circuit can start benefiting from BINDER’s ecological version right away. With this type of freezer, not only can you cool to a temperature of -90°C but you can also heat other rooms at the same time. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation. The freezer with water cooling from BINDER is a truly environmentally friendly option.