BINDER compares notes with local politicians

September 2018 Making a stop at BINDER

Local councilors show great enthusiasm for our project


The “sightseeing tour” has a long tradition among Tuttlingen's local councilors. Every year, important construction projects are surveyed, and this year, it was BINDER's turn to be a stop on the tour.

Tuttlingen town council had announced that 45 local politicians would be paying a visit to BINDER – and that's exactly how many turned up. Representatives from all political parties came along and wanted to hear all about the latest goings-on at BINDER GmbH.


The councilors had been following the COMPETENCE FACTORY (CF) project for a long time and now wanted to see how it had turned out. Split into two groups, they entered the new factory building.

While the Manager of the COMPETENCE FACTORY, Thomas Luippold, gave his group a birds-eye view of everything going on in the state-of-the-art industrial hall, Vice President Michael Pfaff demonstrated the advantages of the STOPA warehouse.


The visitors were truly amazed by the facilities and astounded by the dimensions of the highly automated factory. Lord Mayor Michael Beck praised company CEO Peter Michael Binder for the great success of the construction project.


In the LEAN FACTORY, the councilors were able to track how the parts prepared in the CF are turned into simulation chambers, causing their fascination in BINDER's products to grow further. Some councilors, such as Dr. Hans Roll, have even had the opportunity to see BINDER chambers in practical use. While another local politician reported that he had come across BINDER in Peru. During conversations among the visitors, the phrase “global company” came up again and again – and BINDER certainly is that!


In the presentation that followed, BINDER's representatives had the chance to look back again over the various stages of the build. And the future outlook also looks very promising for everyone involved too. The CEO of Binder also seized the opportunity to offer a few suggestions and thoughts to the councilors as they made their way through the factory. As everyone could hear from the discussions, the visit to BINDER was fruitful for both sides as an opportunity for both the political and business worlds to share ideas and hopefully marks the start of more to come.