New information page provides valuable information

February 2019 Getting the laboratory shipshape with BINDER

The art of cultivating cells correctly


Always wanted to know about the finer details of cell cultivation? Then take a look at BINDER’s new information page.

Research has now brought us to the point where cell cultivation is possible on a grand scale. But all sorts of things can happen in this context, e.g., when working on several cultures at the same time. The safest place to store cells outside of the human body is inside BINDER’s CO2 incubators. These smart simulation chambers are the best and safest way to replicate natural growth conditions.

To survive and grow inside a gassed incubator, the cells need the right temperature, a specific concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and a suitable nutrient solution. And that is something that BINDER has mastered perfectly.

The new information page also provides laboratory staff with valuable tips for preventing contamination. It also vividly describes the art of cultivating cells correctly in greater detail.


The new information page – The complete guide to the precise art of cell cultivation – is well worth a visit.