BINDER boss congratulates long-serving employees

December 2018 Focus on employees

BINDER is proud of its long-term employees


BINDER GmbH had reason to celebrate once again yesterday. Not only has the simulation chamber manufacturer had a golden year with an increase in sales of 15 percent, it can also be proud of having employees who devote themselves day after day to the company's mission – improving the health and safety of people. In order to honor its employees' hard work, BINDER once again held a special event for those celebrating an anniversary with the company. The celebration was organized by the HR department and was held in the Casino in-house restaurant.


Lars Hoffmann, Tobias Funk, Wolfgang Sorokin, Stefanie Hetzel, Jens Wagner, Vadim Gataullin, Frank Wirth, Raisa Churikova, Timo Haag, Rainer Kriewald, Christian Haaga, Michael Pfaff, Julia Strecker, Rolf Menzer, Rodolphe Fouquet, Winfried Puschmann, Tobias Weiss, and Corinna Sloma are celebrating ten years with the company. Darius Dembinski from Assembly A, meanwhile, has a long history at BINDER, having started work at the company 25 years ago.


CEO Peter Michael Binder congratulated him on his anniversary and thanked him for his service. Head of Human Resources Uwe Werner also expressed his personal thanks to each of the attendees.


The guests were even treated to a visit from Saint Nicholas and his companion Knecht Ruprecht. Despite his traditional role, there were no punishments from Knecht Ruprecht – only praise and small gifts.


The final word of the event went to Peter Michael Binder:

,,I am proud to have employees like you."