BINDER gets on board with the Wild Wings

March 2018 Building bridges with success

A successful company sponsors a successful team

BINDER GmbH has broken out into ice hockey fever. The German national hockey team’s success winning the silver medal at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was not the first time our staff have been abuzz. Even before that, the Schwenninger Wild Wings created a lot of excitement on the shop floor. Many of the employees even have fan scarves, with which they adorn their workstations as little good-luck charms.

CEO of the company Peter Michael Binder has also been a proud scarf owner since March 1. However, the former sports rower has preferred not to take the scarf into his wonderful company. Instead, Mr. Binder went into the cold Helios Arena to watch the pros during training. The entrepreneur was immediately impressed by the players’ speed, dynamics, and passion for the sport, not to mention the amazing BINDER lettering which can now be seen between the two players’ benches in the Helios Arena. “We support the Wild Wings because there is a lot that connects us,” explains the Tübingen-born businessman. “I think it’s great that the professional team is giving younger players from the area a chance to succeed. That’s something that we do in our business as well.”

During his visit to the team’s training session, Mr. Binder discovered yet more parallels: “Both of our teams – BINDER and Wild Wings – have a great deal of passion for what they do. They each have their own way of dealing with the cold, and live and breathe tradition while also embracing modernity.” Of course, the two have one more thing in common: success. “The Wild Wings have reached the preliminary play-offs in the first league for the first time in 22 years, which I think is fantastic,” added the sports enthusiast Mr. Binder. “And with our simulation chambers, we always strive to be the best too!”

Wild Wings sports manager Jürgen Rumrich was also impressed by BINDER, with its 400 members of staff. After getting some quick first insights into the simulation chambers offered by the company, he led the BINDER employees together with Head of Human Resources Uwe Werner into the VIP room – known as the “Fürstenberg Lounge”. While looking behind the scenes at the Arena, the Wild Wings locker room area was not something to be missed. Here we met the ice hockey coach Pat Cortina, who expressed gratitude for the support provided by the Tuttlingen-based company.

Sponsoring the Wild Wings also has advantages for BINDER employees. Those who show outstanding performance are rewarded with an entrance ticket and their very own fan scarf. What is clear from all this is that there’s much to offer – from the Wild Wings just as much as from BINDER.