BINDER drying chamber delivers solution for FFP2 masks

April 2021 A safe solution during the pandemic

BINDER drying chamber delivers solution for FFP2 masks


FFP2 masks have become a popular choice during the coronavirus pandemic due to the highly effective filter they contain. Where they fall down, however, is that they are single-use items. Now, Münster University of Applied Sciences has proven that this doesn’t always have to be the case – thanks to drying and heating chambers from BINDER.


In Germany, a ban on cloth masks and other standard face coverings has been in force for some weeks now, making medical-grade and FFP2 masks the standard instead. The cost of wearing these can add up quickly if they have to be replaced every day. The prospect of reusing them, however, brings in the even more pressing issue of safety. Can an FFP2 mask still be effective if it is used more than once?


This is exactly the question that researchers at Münster University of Applied Sciences posed in a high-security laboratory project that tracked the behavior of viruses and bacteria. Accompanying their work was a useful piece of kit: a BINDER chamber that allowed them to determine that the majority of coronaviruses are killed off after 60 minutes of exposure to 80°C. This important discovery holds potential benefits for medical facilities.


But it provides some important insights that everyday users can take advantage of too. The Münster researchers suggest storing FFP2 masks in a dry location for a week after use. This, they say, will largely kill off any traces of coronavirus and allow users to keep a stock of just seven FFP2 masks, each of which can be worn five times in rotation – covering 35 days in total. The only other thing that users need is a simple laundry line to which the masks can be attached for regular airing. It’s a great result – and can be achieved even more quickly with a BINDER chamber. Click here to get your own.