Great achievement for young trainee

November 2018 A finished chamber from memory

Trainee builds three mini BINDER chambers


BINDER trainees are awesome, as demonstrated most recently by Robin Langlotz. The third-year trainee was working in the weld shop when he suddenly decided to build three mini BINDER chambers all by himself.


Every BINDER trainee spends a certain amount of time in the weld shop. So far, so good. But then the story starts to gain momentum. Because Langlotz didn't just want to learn how to weld – he wanted to use his skills to make something. He has always had a huge interest in electronics and is taking an extra electronics course as part of his training. So the foundation was already in place.


Before long, he had produced an eight-by-eight-centimeter BINDER chamber. He then had the idea of making a hand-sized BINDER chamber as well as one that you could place on a table in order to cool a drink, for example.


Robin's father is a metal worker, so Robin was able to set to work in his little workshop at home.
The first step was to build the housing, followed by the inner chamber which was insulated with rock wool. Robin then fitted LED lamps and attached a lock. Robin's new BINDER chamber now operates at between 40 and 50 degrees – just right for keeping drinks warm or toasting a pretzel, for example. And it is just as energy-efficient as an original BINDER chamber.


Robin, whose aim was to “make a finished product from scratch”, walked around the factory a number of times in order to gain inspiration. Langlotz: “I didn't have a plan to base it on. I built the three mini BINDER chambers from memory.”


The 18-year-old then had the mini chambers certified. He now has official proof that at least the medium-sized chamber works properly and is fit for use. The trainee, who undertook this project completely on his own initiative, was highly praised by his colleagues for his hard work.