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15 May 2020 Aesculap relies on vacuum drying chambers from BINDER

Laboratory manager Bernd Blender uses BINDER vacuum drying chambers to dry raw granulates which are later used for implants. 

30 April 2020 The new battery test chamber from BINDER

The test chamber corresponds to EUCAR Hazard Level 6 and therefore features a comprehensive safety concept.

21 April 2020 Practical, space-saving stacking adapter

The BINDER stacking adapter makes it possible to house any number of incubators in a small space. 

20 April 2020 CB 170: CO2 incubator with smart accessories

The CB 170 unit with active humidification is already a cut above – but its new accessories are making their own mark.

20 April 2020 BINDER customers benefit from ATEX protection

BINDER vacuum drying chambers are ATEX-certified.

06 April 2020 The intelligent BINDER vacuum drying chamber

Are you looking for a way to get successful results and keep conditions safe? This BINDER vacuum drying chamber is the answer.

06 April 2020 Breakthrough in face mask shortage affecting coronavirus crisis

The German Federal Ministry of Health has presented a new method designed to enable the reuse of protective face masks. BINDER drying chambers are providing the key to its success.

03 April 2020 BINDER chambers are helping to prevent a shortage of face masks

A chamber was ordered from BINDER in Tuttlingen soon after the supply of face masks at Offenburg-Lahr hospital ran out. The chamber keeps the masks clean and dry.

31 March 2020 Research into potential treatments for coronavirus

Scientists in Hamburg are working on a vaccine for coronavirus and on potential treatments to fight the disease.