Company 06/05/2022

Ukraine donation

BINDER supports "Hope for the children of Ukraine"

BINDER supports "Hope for the children of Ukraine"

BINDER has responded to the call of "Hope for the children of Ukraine" and is supporting their effort to bring as many orphans as possible from the Ukrainian war zone to Germany and Poland by making a donation.

Hope for the children of Ukraine" is an association of several organizations and also of dedicated private individuals who have been working together in Germany, Poland and Ukraine since the beginning of the war. The entire initiative operates united under the umbrella of the Fenix Charity Club (FCC) in Wroclaw, which has been in existence for years, in cooperation with the "Hope Charity Foundation", which is also well established. In this way, donations can be collected and channeled in a controlled manner and recognized donation receipts can be issued.

In concrete terms, "Hope for the Children of Ukraine" particularly, but of course not only, helps orphans suffering from cancer who need to be brought to safety and given appropriate medical care. In the meantime, hundreds of children and their families have been helped in this contextvas well, as they are now living with host families in Berlin, Hamburg, southern and northern Germany, Poland (mainly Wroclaw), and even Portugal.

BINDER hopes that its donation of 5,000 euros will also encourage others to help the Ukrainian children in need, for example by also supporting organizations of this kind.