Company 18/10/2021

Spatenstich Competence Factory II

COMPETENCE FACTORY II groundbreaking ceremony

Second stage of COMPETENCE FACTORY II construction celebrated in groundbreaking ceremony


In 2015, BINDER made the decision to expand its Tuttlingen production premises located on Im Mittleren Ösch. Designed with the long term in mind, the COMPETENCE CAMPUS project provided a master plan for the first stage of construction, COMPETENCE FACTORY I, in 2017. The new factory building has enabled the company to enjoy improved productivity and significant sales growth in recent years. However, BINDER has now reached the limits of the capacity it can offer with this facility and is commencing the second phase of construction, COMPETENCE FACTORY II.


The initial excavation work on the 2,500 qm hall extension marked the start of the project just a few days ago, with the official ceremony then held on October 13. The groundbreaking was a celebratory way to launch the next stage of construction and welcomed 22 invited guests from the worlds of politics and science. Peter M. Binder, Managing Partner, opened the ceremony with the words: “Why Tuttlingen? Because Germany and Tuttlingen are both great places to invest in. We know how vital it is to invest in buildings, equipment, machinery, and – most of all – our exceptionally dedicated staff members, and doing so marks another milestone in our growth strategy.” BINDER is investing approximately 6.5 million euros in building COMPETENCE FACTORY II and aims to complete the hall extension within 14 months. District Administrator Stefan Bär and Mayor of Tuttlingen Emil Buschle welcomed the expansion of the production premises and what the project is doing to safeguard Tuttlingen’s status as a business location. Picking up on the themes expressed in Peter M. Binder’s speech, Stefan Bär emphasized the economic strength inherent in the region. “As a location with a strong economy, we need companies like BINDER that can maintain prosperity within our region. The pace of BINDER’s development and growth in recent years has been almost unparalleled.” Emil Buschle also expressed his gratitude: “I’d like to thank Peter M. Binder for engaging in such constructive dialog. I am proud of what you and your employees have achieved, and I am delighted that you are making this investment in our town.” Works council member Anton Rauh paid tribute on behalf of the whole workforce: “We’ve gone from 15 employees to 450. 12 million in sales figures to almost 100 million. And all that within not even 40 years, plus a new building every three to four years. When we talk about BINDER, you can see the pride on our faces. BINDER is an employer we know we can rely on, and I hope that the next generation will continue working together to help the company achieve even more success.” The architectural style of the hall extension has been designed to blend in with the COMPETENCE FACTORY I structure and will expand the production area to 11,300 qm in total. BINDER is once again working with architectural firm RSE and construction consultants Baumann Bauconsult to develop the project.


Project manager Thomas Luippold is confident that it will be possible to start moving the boiler construction facilities, foam facility, and mechanical pre-assembly parts into the new hall as early on as January 2023. BINDER is also investing in new machines with the aim of boosting automation levels, and intends to equip its existing stock with state-of-the-art technology in order to make its production processes work even more efficiently with one another. At the same time, the company is planning to expand its assembly department in the space that is being freed up in the original LEAN FACTORY hall. It is more than just improved productivity that matters to BINDER, however – the corporate management team is also keen to ensure that it is establishing a pleasant working atmosphere. That is why the process of planning COMPETENCE FACTORY II has also been mindful of the importance of incorporating a social element for the workforce, and has included 200 qm of ultra-modern office and recreation areas.


In expanding the COMPETENCE FACTORY on the company premises, BINDER is also continuing to acknowledge Tuttlingen as a location and the vital role its employees play. The company is standing by the “Made in Germany” strategy that has brought it much success, and is pursuing long-term growth.