Products 15/09/2021

BINDER video series cooling incubators

Optimal products: BINDER cooling incubators

The Peter and Michael Show: Cooling incubators


In our new video series “The Peter and Michael Show,” you will discover why BINDER cooling incubators are among the best on the market.


A BINDER incubator is gentle on many kinds of samples and provides high-quality performance at all times. Every KB series cooling incubator thus makes safe, reproducible incubation possible, even at high ambient temperatures. Together with the efficient weekly program function, cooling incubators from BINDER are truly versatile in laboratory work with microorganisms.


The KT series combines exceptional performance with low energy consumption. In addition, every BINDER incubator offers true added value with its exemplary environmental friendliness.


Discover the many other benefits of our cooling incubators and watch our new video.