Company 02/11/2022

BINDER supports talent – from mechatronics engineer to versatile refrigeration engineer.

Attractive employment packages and development opportunities in various areas in line with individual requirements at BINDER!

Kevin Loll mit BINDER Schrank im Hintergrund

In addition to offering its employees attractive employment packages, BINDER is always open to supporting development opportunities in various areas and in line with individual requirements. The latest example of this is the targeted professional development of former trainee Kevin Loll who completed his mechatronics training with BINDER in July 2019.

BINDER rewarded Kevin’s achievements and dedication by supporting his continuing education to become a certified refrigeration engineer. BINDER covered the fees for his 4-semester-long course, including his college accommodation. While Kevin is benefiting from the course’s in-depth content, he will in future be able to assist BINDER with complex customer projects and in optimizing our services. For us at BINDER, employee development is never a one-way street – right from the outset, it is a valuable, enriching experience both for our employees and our company.  

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