Company 16/03/2022

A new way of thinking about coming home

BINDER was featured in the Schwäbische Zeitung's "Willkommen Daheim" magazine last year.

BINDER was featured in the Schwäbische Zeitung's "Willkommen Daheim" magazine last year. This special edition is published annually at Christmas time, and is aimed at young people who have left home for educational reasons.  At a certain point, one question arises for everyone: "Do I want to stay or come back home?"


And this is where the magazine comes in, because our region, the actual home of these people, has a lot to offer. The perspective that BINDER presented on this matter was as follows:


The trend is clear: Young people are moving away from rural areas. But: Is what drew you away from home a few years ago still valid? Maybe you achieved your goals and, only when you didn't have it anymore, realized how valuable "home" actually is. Home being the place you know best. The place where the people in need of your help actually are. Maybe it's right decision for you to leave your mark at home. To make sure that the next generations also have some place to come back home to.


Home to a place that provides all the opportunities. A location in which we believe in and a location in which we will stay. As Peter M. Binder likes to say, "When it says BINDER on it, Tuttlingen is inside!" We believe in sustainability, and not just when it comes to location. And we believe that you should think about coming home.


As an owner-run family company, BINDER is completely focused on simulation chambers. These climatic chambers support demanding laboratory and research work, for example in the cultivation of stem cells for wound healing, the testing of pharmaceuticals or strength tests of building materials. In the simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions, our products repeatedly set the standards. Through cutting-edge technologies and pioneering innovations, we successfully pursue our goal of making a significant technical contribution to improving the health and safety of mankind.