Peltier technology

White paper: Modern Peltier cooling technology – will Peltier modules replace the compressor?


In our white paper, you will learn about thermoelectric cooling technology works, the areas in which it is used, and its strengths and weaknesses compared to conventional compressor systems.


Peltier elements are thermoelectric components that can pump heat from one side of a device to the other depending on the direction of the current. Thermoelectric cooling can be used wherever compressors cannot due to their size. Peltier elements can be extremely small but maintain an astonishing cooling capacity. The primary advantage over conventional compressor cooling units is elimination of flammable or environmentally harmful refrigerants. With its particular characteristics, thermoelectric cooling is ideal for a broad spectrum of special applications.



This free white paper contains information on:

  • The history and physical background of thermoelectric effects
  • The technical implementation of thermoelectric cooling
  • A comparison between thermoelectric cooling and compressor systems
  • Areas of application of thermoelectric cooling

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