Products 01-31-2024

Ultra low temperature freezers

A secure and reliable way to store sensitive samples

Life science laboratories store sensitive samples such as microorganisms and vaccines at extremely low temperatures over extended periods. To prevent the samples being damaged, the cooling system needs to function reliably without problems. Ultra low temperature freezers from BINDER, featuring a multi-stage security concept, provide reliable storage conditions for samples at -90°C while maintaining low levels of energy consumption and ensuring convenient operation.


Secure and reliable

Ultra low temperature freezers from the UFV series feature personalized access control that protects the samples against unauthorized access. The integrated log memory seamlessly documents every opening. This method of managing users ensures samples are more effectively protected and monitors proper handling. The integrated alarm forwarding function is especially useful overnight and at weekends, while data logger functions ensure precision tracking of cooling conditions, allowing operating data to be analyzed and logged.


Easy operation

An ultra low temperature freezer should be easy to operate, clean, and maintain – saving time, reducing access times, and cutting energy costs. BINDER ultra low temperature freezers open automatically at the touch of a button, allowing samples to be removed quickly and effortlessly.  Large vacuum heat-insulating panels inside the housing reduce energy consumption and provide optimum insulation. A two-stage refrigeration cycle can be relied upon to maintain the extreme temperatures. The separate interior zones also ensure improved cold stabilization when the door is open. An air filter that can be replaced without using tools, and a defrosting kit that works quickly, keep maintenance work straightforward.


Last but not least, the ultra low temperature freezer ensures that the available area is used effectively – an important factor in laboratories, where space is often limited. BINDER’s smallest freezer in its UFV series, the UFV 350, is an ultra low temperature freezer that provides reliable sample storage conditions with a significantly reduced footprint, ensuring the best possible use of valuable space.

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