Vacuum drying chambers

Both BINDER vacuum drying chamber models enable effective drying without residue or damaging the material being dried. With their proven technological features, the excellently address the strict requirements of industrial and scientific laboratories.

Samples and similar materials incorporating flammable and non-flammable solvents can be dried, depending on the individual use. The chambers use a unique safety design that, together with accustomed outstanding performance, sets the bar in terms of quality and safety.

Series VD | Vacuum drying chambers for non-flammable solvents

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Series VDL | Vacuum drying chambers for flammable solvents

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BINDER vacuum drying chambers for high performance and safety

BINDER vacuum drying chambers live up to the highest of standards when it comes to safety, quality, and performance. Samples can be dried quickly, effectively, and gently, with homogeneous temperature distribution across the usable space and a drying process free from condensation. On top of all this, high levels of safety are guaranteed with the vacuum drying chambers. Adjustment without overshooting provides maximum protection for samples, while a unique, sophisticated safety concept is in place where operation is concerned. In two series, BINDER has models available for both non-flammable and flammable solvents. The VDL series for flammable solvents also has an explosion-proof interior for added safety.


Vacuum drying chambers for quick and gentle drying

BINDER vacuum drying chambers can be used for extremely quick drying, without posing a risk to the samples in the process. These drying chambers meet even the strict requirements of the laboratory within industry and science applications alike, proving to be extremely durable and robust. The interior is made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel which is resilient and easy to clean. Maintenance and care is simplified further by the smooth inner chamber with rounded edges and racks that can be inserted flexibly and removed for cleaning purposes.
BINDER's vacuum drying chambers operate within a temperature range of between 15 °C and 200 °C, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Fast and gentle sample drying is guaranteed at all times together with high levels of safety and usability.


Temperature and/or heat sensitive samples can have the moisture or solvent materials removed quickly, effectively, and gently, with homogeneous temperature distribution across the usable space and a drying process free from condensation. On top of all this, high levels of safety are guaranteed with the vacuum drying chambers.


In a vacuum environment heat can ONLY be transferred through physical contact with materials. Air can not conduct heat in a vacuum environment. This is the reasoning why BINDER developed a patented shelf system to provide maximum effectiveness in the heating process while in a vacuum environment. By providing solid contact between material spanning from the oven walls across to the drying sample BINDER has perfected the transfer of heat within a vacuum environment.

As pressure is reduced in a vacuum environment the relationship between boiling point of a material is dramatically reduced. This allows for the moisture content to escape at a lower temperature than if the sample was at ambient conditions. A crucial part of this process is having a tight gasket on the vacuum oven. The ovens themselves have multiple gaskets to ensure the vacuum seal is maintained during operation. Another key factor is ensuring the vacuum pump equipment supplied with the unit is properly specified to manufacturer's specifications.

Using an calibrated absolute pressure gauge the average equipment user has the capability to calibrate/adjust a vacuum oven. Combine this with the use of a calibrated temperature probe the BINDER vacuum ovens make the calibration procedure simple and easy to perform

Once the equipment has been loaded with the material the operator ensures the unit settings are achieved. After this point minimal user interaction during the drying process. The key factor is understanding the time in which the sample will need to be inside the vacuum oven. This is often application specific where the oven user errs on the side of conducting longer drying times.


The BINDER vacuum drying oven are easier to operate due to the patented shelving system which ensures superior temperature uniformity within the oven. No other manufacturer has such a feature. The stainless steel design as well as the robust shelve system ensures sensitive solvent materials are dried properly.


Whether as a laboratory manager or as an industrial operations manager having the right vacuum oven is instrumental in running safe operation. The primary purpose of a vacuum oven is to provide a safe and gentle drying process for materials which are sensitive to ambient drying conditions. The manager as well as the user needs to understand how the temperature plays a role. Ensuring there is a proper inert gas connection is another factor. One aspect which users over look is the vacuum pump. In order they remove moisture in a vacuum environment it depends shelves, gaskets, and vacuum pump used. If any of these three are defective then the entire drying process will be ineffective.