Case Studies 03-17-2021

Case Study Schofer Pforzheim

Vacuum drying chambers used to dry jewelry gently

Application examples:

  • Drying of end caps for bracelets
  • Caps are made of stainless steel and are cleaned prior to drying
  • Also suitable for drying chains (including some gold-plated ones)


  • Phase 1: Rack is filled with wet caps and transferred to the chamber, VD 53 starts generating vacuum
  • Phase 2: Drying process takes place at 30 °C
  • Phase 3: The second pressure drop occurs, indicating that the drying process is complete. The dried caps can be removed.
  • Drying takes up to 20 minutes

Customer requirements:

  • Between 3,000 and 4,000 caps to be dried daily and up to 100,000 per month
  • All moisture to be removed from jewelry
  • No corrosion must occur
  • Temperature range: 50 °C–70 °C
  • Program-controlled drying monitoring with automatic ventilation at end of process
  • Parts must not be scratched as they are being placed inside



The head of the design and product development department at Schofer in Pforzheim explains:

With a BINDER vacuum drying chamber, we are able to dry our jewelry gently at temperatures that are not too high.

BINDER solutions in the form of a vacuum drying chamber for non-flammable solvents:

  • Fast, gentle drying
  • Optimum heat transfer through large thermal conducting plates
  • Safe work thanks to proven safety concept
  • Also optionally available as a modular complete system with vacuum pump and pump chambe
  • Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB
  • At least one aluminum expansion rack, can be custom-positioned
  • Space-saving in laboratory environments and quiet running
  • Absolute reliability coupled with low power consumption


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