Safety drying chambers

A BINDER heating oven with a silicone- and dust-free inner chamber and a symmetrical air flow provides the perfect environment for standard-compliant drying of paints and coating materials containing solvents.

The FDL Series guarantees short drying time with high temperature accuracy and defined ventilation. Every BINDER heating oven thus represents the basis for the highest-quality results and reproducible tests in the fields of chemistry and surface technology. The replaceable fresh air cartridges are easy to change and ensure constant fresh air quality.
The safety concept meets the DIN EN 1539-2015 standard.

Series FDL | Safety drying chambers for limited quantities of solvent

Available sizes

Drying chambers for paints and other materials containing solvents

BINDER safety drying chambers provide the ideal environment for drying paints and other coating materials containing solvents. There is absolute temperature accuracy in the interior, which is free from silicone and dust, along with homogeneous temperature distribution, regardless of the amount or size of the sample. BINDER drying chambers guarantee quick and even drying, within a wide temperature range of between 5 °C and 350 °C. The drying chambers operate with absolute temperature accuracy, even with high ventilation, thereby providing the best possible basis for precise results and reproducible tests. High levels of operational safety are ensured by the electronic monitoring system and fresh air cartridge, which can be replaced.

Safety drying chambers with maximum operational safety

BINDER drying chambers are reliable and operate with high temperature accuracy. The units feature 60-mm-thick insulation, keeping heat dissipation to a minimum, and a specimen temperature display with a temperature sensor. Thanks to the fresh air monitoring system with automatic shut-down, the units comply with all of the requirements of EN 1539 and they also correspond to protection class IP 33. The tight housing door with 2-point door closure also helps take care of safety.
In practice, the drying chambers are extremely versatile owing to their functionality and options for individual adjustment. The safety chambers can be used for plenty of tasks within chemical and surface engineering applications. Alongside being flexible in their uses and accurate, BINDER drying chambers are also really easy to use in practical terms.
BINDER drying chambers provide the ideal conditions for norm-compliant drying of substances containing solvents, with maximum safety guaranteed.