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Climate chamber for quality assurance

Climate chamber for quality assurance

Will a product work when subjected to extreme heat and high humidity? And how will a material behave when subjected to extremely cold temperatures over a long period of time? Environmental simulation testing in climate chambers provides an indication of how test specimens will behave under defined climate conditions. 


A climate chamber is an airtight, isolated testing chamber in which a desired climate is created artificially. It aims to reproduce environmental conditions. The various climate components such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc., can be altered periodically for the purposes of the simulation. A climate chamber is an important tool in research and medicine, but also in environmental simulation and climate change tests. Applying various climate cycles and temperature change tests with and without humidity verifies whether a product will work in a certain climate (for example in extremely cold temperatures and dry air or in heat and high humidity). This provides an indication of the test specimen's service life under these specific climate conditions. The tests therefore ensure product quality and simulate storage and aging processes.


Climate chambers are available in many different sizes. Many companies have their own rooms that are used as chambers. But this kind of solution is obviously not practical for every company. For one thing, it requires a lot of space and also leads to high installation costs as well as high running costs for maintenance. For many companies, the aim is to use significantly less space. Climate (test) chambers are the ideal alternative for saving space and money. BINDER's portfolio ranges from units with an interior volume of 100 liters right up to climate chambers with a capacity of over 1,000 liters . They are designed for demanding stress tests and can reproduce a wide range of temperatures and humidities. Units are also available with the option of ICH-compliant illumination for standard-compliant long-term tests.


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