Products 08-04-2016


Working priciple of the APT.line™ preheating chamber technology

The term APT.line™ stands for "Advanced Preheating Technology". The APT.line™ concept is a unique heating system that ensures homogeneous temperature distribution inside chambers. At the same time, this technology also ensures exceedingly fast recovery times. This concept is applied in the majority of BINDER chambers. 

APT.line™  with forced convection – Classic.Line

The APT.line™ technology with forced convection is an air-circulation system which feeds air into a preheating chamber and heats it up via heating elements. The heated air stream is fed horizontally into both sides of the inner chamber through openings in the side walls. A fan forces the air back into the preheating chamber and the circuit begins again. This special airflow ensures a high level of temperature homogeneity, short heating up times, and rapid heat transfer. 

APT.line™  with natural convection – Classic.Line

The APT.line™ with natural convection is not fitted with a fan, in contrast to the APT.line™ with forced convection. The integrated heating elements in the U-shaped preheating chamber heat up the air precisely to the desired temperature. The air jacket ensures homogeneous heating of the interior. The heated air circulates with low air movement in the closed inner chamber. 

The new generation of APT.line™: Avantgarde.Line


The new APT.line™ was developed, optimized, and launched on the market under the name Avantgarde.Line in close cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. To distinguish between the products more clearly, those that are still produced according to the old generation are assigned the Classic.Line designation.


Avantgarde.Line with forced convection

The new APT.line™ concept: In the Avantgarde.Line, the fan and heater are arranged in a chamber between the boiler wall and a specially developed rear wall known as the air cushion. The air stream is fed into the interior through defined openings in the rear wall. This heats up the sides and leads to the unit heating up very quickly. This new airflow concept ensures a more consistent distribution of air in the boiler and therefore improved spatial temperature distribution, better recovery times, and maximum temperature accuracy.


Thanks to a powerful fan and a variety of timer functions, there is almost no end to the applications possible with the Avantgarde.Line units with forced convection. This technology is particularly advantageous thanks to its ability to adapt to individual requirements for fast drying.

Avantgarde.Line with gravity convection


The units with gravity convection are equipped with an improved air jacket. The concept of dual-sided airflow in a U-shape was retained here and the units were optimized.

The units of the new Avantgarde.Line generation are designed to be modern and user-friendly, while also boasting a brilliantly ergonomic design. They are equipped with a new, intuitive controller and a door handle arranged vertically. The interior is made completely from stainless steel, which significantly reduces the effort required for cleaning. The advanced technology makes having powerful heating elements redundant, meaning the units have a significantly lower energy consumption level compared with competitors.