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Benefit from eight-section compartmentalization

Maximum flexibility and control!

CBF 260 “Cell Therapy” – The perfect choice for high-end applications


The BINDER CBF is the high-end CO₂ incubator with humidity control that is suitable for all sensitive incubation applications in GxP environments. It ensures consistent results in situations including cell-based assays with multiwell plates. This BINDER incubator is even suitable for complex cultivation experiments or individual environments with hypoxic conditions thanks to its comprehensive assortment of options and accessories.

Now, BINDER is taking the CBF even further by introducing a new version that is ideally suited to highly demanding applications such as cell therapy, gene therapy, and stem cell research – the CBF 260 “Cell Therapy”. This version has the same configuration as a CBF 260 with O2 control and features the option of an inner door divided into eight sections with cell therapy compartmentalization.


In practice, this means that the CBF 260 “Cell Therapy” offers compartmentalization consisting of the eight-section divided inner door plus four shelf levels, each of which has a partition wall. The individual shelves can be fully removed through the glass door sections and each level is kept physically separate by an additional partition plate.

The CBF 260 “Cell Therapy” allows you to monitor no fewer than four parameters: temperature, CO2 concentration, oxygen concentration, and relative humidity. Humidity control is especially important consideration in these applications, and the incubator restores the ideal humidity level within just a few minutes of the door being opened, preventing unwanted evaporation of the culture medium.


Divided inner door option improved

The CBF 260 “Cell Therapy” also features an even better version of the divided inner door option, which now comes with additional partition plates for dividing up the space inside the incubation chamber, preventing specimen vials from getting mixed up. This fine-tuned feature is now referred to as a divided inner door with cell therapy compartmentalization, and – like its predecessor – is available for all CB and CBF models.


Benefit from maximum flexibility

In addition to the fixed configuration, all CB and CBF models featuring the new divided inner door with cell therapy compartmentalization option can be configured as required to suit your needs – whether that means a unit with or without humidity, with or without O2 control, or sizes of 56, 170, or 260.


Your benefits

-          Safe. Cell cultures receive maximum protection against contamination

-          Reliable. Constant well-being conditions for cells

-          Smart. Simple routine cleaning and convenient operation

-          Cost-effective. Efficient operation without consumables


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