Products 2022-05-04


Environmentally friendly and much more!

The new KBF-S ECO: Efficient and environmentally friendly


The most energy-efficient product in its class, the new KBF-S ECO constant climate chamber hitting the market this November delivers the quality standards that consumers have come to expect from BINDER plus outstanding value for money. Low noise performance that doesn’t need refrigerant, this is a truly high-end piece of equipment.


BINDER’s new environmentally-friendly unit specializes in precise stability tests under climate conditions that are kept constant for an extended period of time. It is ideal for long-term testing and accelerated testing of pharmaceutical products according to the ICH Guideline Q1A, and it regulates a humidity range from 10% RH to 80 % RH and a temperature range from 5°C to 70°C. For users who perform stability tests in these climate conditions, this makes it a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to BINDER’s proven KBF and KBF-S constant climate chambers. The KBF-S ECO needs absolutely no refrigerant – alongside its excellent energy efficiency, this is a feature that significantly boosts its environmental and sustainability credentials.


Even with a full load, the climate in the new BINDER constant climate chamber is always at the right level. And if deviations do happen to creep in, they are so slight that they can barely be measured. Fed in from both sides, the horizontal airflow ensures that the climate remains as homogeneous as possible. This is where our cutting-edge thermoelectric system comes in, keeping the climate conditions constant at all times, even under changing conditions.


But that’s not all. In addition to the perfect climate, BINDER delivers the best usable space in this class. The KBF-S ECO can be packed full so that large quantities of medications can be tested all at the same time, while the climate remains homogeneous. All in all, it’s the perfect recipe for speed, energy efficiency, and success.


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