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  • White paper: Validation and Qualification
    January 2017

    Constant climate chamber for stability studies

    Photostability testing for new active ingredients and drugs to ensure high safety standards.

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  • Applications of vacuum drying chambers
    January 2017

    Effective and gentle drying in a vacuum

    Drying in a vacuum enables gentle and effective drying of heat-sensitive materials without endangering the materials or changing their product properties.

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  • Jürgen Pirker, St. Anton Classic ski school, St. Anton, Austria
    January 2017

    Interview with St. Anton ski school

    The St. Anton Classic ski school was founded in 2009 and specializes in private lessons and personal guided ski tours in the area. Jürgen Pirker gives an insight into the everyday life of a ski instructor.

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    November 2016


    In our company magazine BINDER WORLD, we are looking back over the year and have summarized the highlights for you.

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  • Cell and module test chambers
    November 2016

    Aging and performance tests in cell and module test chambers

    Cells and modules undergo extreme endurance testing in cell and module test chambers to determine their service life and performance.

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  • Isolator with integrated incubator
    October 2016

    Efficient reproduction of human skin

    A BINDER incubator plays an important role in Europe's first cleanroom safety concept for the cultivation of human Skin.

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Professional environmental simulation in climate chambers or incubators


Welcome to BINDER GmbH in Tuttlingen, Germany, the world's largest manufacturer of serial-production environmental simulation chambers for scientific or industrial laboratories. We specialize in the perfect simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions in climate chambers or incubators.


BINDER incubators – Laboratory technology made in Germany

Our range of products includes environmental simulation chambers such as CO₂ incubators and refrigerated incubators, climate chambers, material test chambers and heating ovens. To maintain our high quality standards, all our products are manufactured exclusively in our state-of-the-art plant in Germany. We are very proud at BINDER to be able to bring you value and leading edge technology. Therefore, we will continuously invest in the development of our products.


BINDER simulation chamber – International market leader

Today, BINDER GmbH is an international market leader in climate chambers and incubators with offices in New York, Moscow, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our products are used successfully in scientific and industrial laboratories throughout the world. Simulation chambers and incubators from BINDER optimally support our customers in their daily laboratory work. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of BINDER in the research industry, production and development, excellent results are always guaranteed.