Growth chambers

Homogeneous light in combination with a constant temperature and humidity is necessary to achieve ideal growth in plants or other organisms. A BINDER humidity chamber offers all this. This is how KBW Series growth chambers create ideal conditions for the culture using light and temperature. The KBWF series also offers a system for humidity regulation.

The APT.line™ preheating chamber from BINDER, in connection with fast-reacting humidity regulation, highly effective cooling and uniform light distribution, ensures natural growth conditions.

Series KBW | Growth chambers with light

Available sizes

Series KBWF | Growth chambers with light and humidity

Available sizes

Climate chambers for ideal growth conditions

Climate chambers from BINDER provide the ideal growth conditions for plants and other organisms. It is possible to accurately simulate natural climate conditions in these state-of-the-art growth chambers, which BINDER offers in two different versions: climate chambers with light (KBW series) and climate chambers with light and humidity (KBWF series).
The perfect climate is created in BINDER climate chambers through extremely low climate gradients thanks to responsive vapor pressure humidification. There is a uniform, gentle flow of air in the interior, even when the units are fully loaded. Unique homogeneous light distribution is another feature of these climate chambers, which are equipped with a patented light system and illumination cassettes that can be positioned variably and have fluorescent tubes. Light is thereby distributed evenly across the entire usable space of the growth chambers. The climate chamber temperature can be adjusted within a range of 0 °C to 70 °C, with the temperature being displayed accurately at increments of a tenth of a degree and the humidity at increments of a tenth of a percent within the KBWF series.

BINDER climate chambers for high performance and ease of handling

BINDER climate chambers feature a reliable decontamination concept and are incredibly simple to clean owing to the stainless steel interior. Ease of handling is also guaranteed for all laboratory tasks.
BINDER climate chambers are extremely versatile, being suited to applications within the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical, and timber and forestry industries as well as the field of plant biotechnology. Homogeneous lighting conditions are combined with constant temperature and humidity conditions to guarantee optimum growth of a wide range of organisms. With an extensive product portfolio and optional accessories, a wide range of applications is covered. Manufactured in Germany, all BINDER climate chambers are characterized by a stable, robust, and durable quality along with excellent usability and high performance you can rely on.