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October 2019 The new C 170

The new C 170: smaller and better


BINDER incubators are used around the world and are valued for their performance. They operate without fans, can demonstrate sterilization at 180°C, and have a CO2 sensor with IR technology. 

The incubators made in Tuttlingen in Germany are known for their extremely low risk of contamination.

And now you have a choice: Do you want the new, redesigned C 170, which performs all its tasks as efficiently as a worker bee? Or you can opt for the queen bee: the CB 170 – the premium unit among BINDER incubators.


But which is the right choice? Many users settle on a combination of both chambers. The new C 170, which still has plenty of interior space, has reduced its footprint and can now be optimally stacked together with the premium unit from BINDER. It has been improved and is very powerful. Because most labs suffer from a chronic lack of space, the slim design of the new C 170 means it is sure to fit somewhere. It can also expertly tackle all standard tasks.

The CB 170, the premium unit from BINDER, is designed for challenging applications. Sensitive cells that require O2 regulation are particularly safe inside this incubator. The high-performance humidity management also helps to create the right environment.


With the new C 170 and the current CB 170, you get the professional equipment you need to work with cells expertly.