BINDER ultra low temperature freezers ensure effective cold chains

September 2020 Solution to the coronavirus pandemic

BINDER freezers crucial for the storage of coronavirus vaccines


The coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate global affairs. Numbers of infections continue to rise and researchers are under enormous pressure to produce a vaccine. Despite all of the measures that have been put in place, a vaccine is the only solution that will allow us to return to normal. But how will the eagerly awaited vaccine be transported all over the globe as quickly as possible?


That is precisely what politicians, pharmaceutical experts and logistics service providers are working on at the moment. They need to find a way of guaranteeing effective cold chains for the COVID-19 vaccine. The existing cold chains at transport hubs will not be sufficient, which is why companies such as UPS are already starting to expand their storage capacities.


But the temperature-controlled storage halls that are currently being built in every country in the world cannot do the job alone – ultra low temperature freezers, which create the best storage conditions for organic substances, are also urgently required. BINDER GmbH, based in Tuttlingen, Germany, can provide the ideal solution – its freezers are designed for precisely this purpose. It is therefore no surprise that the global market leader has already received a number of inquiries.


The ultra low temperature freezers maintain a constant temperature of -80°C, the precise temperature that will be required for the storage of coronavirus vaccines in the future. The temperature distribution in the interior is extremely even, ensuring that the organic substances are kept in the same conditions at all times. Furthermore, the energy consumption of the freezers is low, preventing any nasty surprises for the logistics service providers when it comes to their running costs. What's more, BINDER also offers a safety concept: firstly, in the form of the APT-COM 4, which logs the storage process to ensure that everything is working as it should. When it comes to sensitive samples, it is vital to make sure that nothing goes wrong. And secondly, special locks help to protect the samples against unauthorized access. The unloading ramp also allows the BINDER freezers to be unloaded and installed quickly and easily.


“The situation remains serious and cases are rising. A vaccine is the only way of overcoming COVID-19,” says Lothar Maresch from the BINDER ACADEMY. He continues: “With its freezers for vaccine storage, BINDER is helping to get the crisis under control.”