Practical, space-saving stacking adapter

April 2020 Practical BINDER accessories

BINDER chambers stack up


When laboratories decide that a BINDER or CO2 incubator is the right choice for its needs, it is likely to order several – but may then be faced with the problem of cramming the units into a small space. That’s why BINDER offers bases equipped with casters and stacking adapters designed to help accommodate as many incubators as possible even when conditions are tight. Not only that, but these accessories also make it easy to combine older models with brand-new ones.


As well as this, the bases equipped with casters can be used to transport incubators quickly and easily from one room to another – making them accessories that are not only space-saving, but also highly practical.


But that’s not all: The stacking adapter makes it possible to combine an incubator with a CO2 chamber. Unsurprisingly, the developers at BINDER have made this an intelligent accessory by incorporating a small clearance between the incubators so that exhaust air from one chamber is cleverly directed past the chamber next to it. This prevents CO2 incubators whose temperature rises to 180°C from affecting an incubator that is designed to maintain a perfect 37°C inside.