Multi Management Software makes complex work processes a breeze

November 2019 New update

New APT-COM™-4 update available


BINDER’s APT-COM™ 4 Multi Management Software has already established an excellent reputation for itself on the market. More and more customers are turning to this tool for their management needs – and that’s partly thanks to the BINDER product range itself, because they know that BINDER not only provides the best products, but has also succeeded in developing a piece of software that makes complex work processes considerably easier to handle.

The software is the perfect tool for management, logging, and documentation of measuring results. Now, you can explore the huge benefits of this BINDER innovation for yourself and download the new update – simply click on the link, run the download, and get started.

APT-COM™ 4 even speaks your language from the get-go. This practical feature means that each member of a team based in different countries can work in their own language and have access to exactly the same data.

What’s more, the software makes it possible to monitor up to 100 BINDER chambers at a glance and track what they have logged in a chart. The units are displayed at the points where they are installed, resulting in reduced response times in cases where an unexpected error occurs during measurement.

Other advantages of the software are its appealing design, fast start-up, and availability of different versions.

With features ranging from GLP-compliant logging to convenient program creation and management of up to 100 units, APT-COM™ 4 can be used in every industry. It is a real asset to any user and is even compatible with Windows 10.


Discover the benefits of the new APT-COM™ 4 software and download the latest update here now.