Test energy storage devices with climate chambers from BINDER

February 2020 New flyer

Battery research relies on BINDER


Germany’s major car manufacturers are in a frenzy over electromobility. They all share the goal of launching electric cars with energy storage devices that are long-lasting, boast rapid charging capabilities, and have ever-increasing capacities. Whole battery research centers are also emerging from this trend – including the University of Münster’s MEET project, which relies on BINDER. Why is this? In addition to its cell and module test chambers, BINDER’s range includes yet more chambers that are suitable for battery research.


The KB series climate chamber with package P, for instance, is currently a highly sought-after piece of equipment for performance tests. Fitted with a door-locking mechanism and a pressure relief valve, this BINDER chamber is perfect for forming energy storage devices – the final and highly critical production stage in the manufacture of lithium-ion cells.


The KB series climate chamber with package P has already proved its outstanding quality
and is increasingly in demand.