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March 2019 Huge demand

A BINDER does more


MKFT/MKT dynamic climate chambers from BINDER are versatile pieces of equipment. They are powerful, efficient, and utterly precise. Not only that, but they can even approach test points that are outside the usual range – allowing them to live up to the standards required by today’s automotive industry. The tests that are performed in this field are getting tougher and more precise all the time, so incorporating a dry-air purge as an additional piece of equipment is a useful step in conquering them.


When a dry-air purge is used in the interior of a dynamic climate chamber, it generates a dry climate that is required in the process of testing items such as electronic components for PCs. Dry-air purges are also helpful for preventing condensation from forming on samples. BINDER dry-air purges are a common choice in the electronics industry in particular.


They make it a breeze to test a component at 5°C and lower levels of humidity in a BINDER dynamic climate chamber. So why not put your trust in the standards of quality you can get from a BINDER unit and test-drive it for yourself?