Individual, comprehensive cell cultivation with the CB 260

June 2020 Even more volume

BINDER has the answer: The new CB 260 provides even more space for cell cultivation


BINDER has the answer: Cell cultivation on a grand scale with the new CB 260 CO2 incubator. When stacked as a pair, the incubator provides a full 535 liters of interior space with a footprint of just 0.58 m2 – what more could you want? The new CB 260 opens up new possibilities for cell culture specialists thanks to BINDER's strong, unique anti-contamination concept.


Simple, safe, and reliable, with even more interior space for cell cultivation work – the developers from BINDER have succeeded in bringing another forward-looking chamber onto the market. With a whole 27 percent more space compared to its predecessor, the CB 260 sets the bar high. The BINDER CO2 incubator – which features a space-saving and virtually silent design – delivers strong, efficient performance and serves as a reliable and accurate partner in the laboratory. The fanless design not only reduces the technical complexity, but also contributes to the sophisticated anti-contamination concept.


Furthermore, the chamber – which has no rack frame and which features an inner chamber with no corners or edges – is easy to clean. The generously sized power unit is also available with an inner door divided into eight parts. This option is ideal when working with various cell cultures in parallel; for example, for the production of autologous chondrocyte transplants. This modern tissue engineering method has been used successfully for a number of years in the treatment of cartilage damage in the knee joint. The CB 260 can also be equipped and delivered with an O2 control system if required by the user.


The CB-S 260 is an affordable unit which is suitable for standard tasks. If your application involves the simple propagation of a single cell culture, this BINDER workhorse is an excellent choice and provides just as much interior space.