Graduates look forward to their future at BINDER

April 2019 A chapter comes to an end

BINDER trainees perform well


Trainees at BINDER GmbH benefit from really great support; indeed, the global market leader has already won two awards that prove this fact. The quality of the extensive training program, which helps young people to develop their skills both personally and professionally, is reflected in the completion rate and the trainees' grades – as was underlined once again at this year's graduation ceremony.


Head of Human Resources Uwe Werner knows that companies which make an effort to train young people well will reap the rewards in the end. Although to begin with, it is the trainees themselves who will benefit from having earned this valuable piece of paper, just as Werner said in his introductory speech: "You have proved that you are hardworking, resilient, and motivated," said the HR boss to the eight who had completed their training. It was smiles all round when they were presented with their certificates and every one of them seemed more than happy with their grades, which were either "good" or "very good".


What's more, Mario Lang, Jannik Pottin, Patrick Art, Marcel Schilling, Marius Marquardt, Pierre Arsic Perez, Max Wölfl, and Patrick Englputzeder had nothing but good things to say about the time they spent at BINDER, all agreeing that "it was a fantastic time and we learned a lot." So it is not surprising that six of the eight trainees are not going anywhere: they are staying on with BINDER. Training Manager Timo Haag and Technical Trainer Robert Pejakic also came in for great praise from the trainees.


Haag was quick to remember lots of details about each individual trainee too; lots of anecdotes were shared, which just goes to show that the BINDER training department not only offers the very best from a professional point of view, but is also really great on a personal level.


The trainees marked the end of an important chapter in their lives by enjoying a wrap-up meal in the casino. But the anticipation of what is yet to come at BINDER outweighed any sad feelings at having to leave something behind.