BINDER supports important institutions

March 2019 Active in the community

BINDER supports the community


Best in service, best in consulting, and best in products: that’s what BINDER GmbH is all about. The Tuttlingen-based company has a clear mission, but it never forgets to look outwards as well.  The topic of social responsibility is taken especially seriously at BINDER.


It is on this basis that BINDER supports the Dianiño Foundation, the university in Tuttlingen and the St. Anton Classic ski school. All of these institutions help to serve the wider community, which is why it is so important for BINDER to support them in return.


Every winter, the 35 ski instructors at the ski school in Arlberg help spread the love of skiing to skiers of all ages. Skiing is an activity that gets people outside in the fresh air and is a skill that can honed independently over many years, helping to contribute to a healthy work-life balance.


Our staff here at BINDER also enjoy taking to the slopes in Arlberg for a few days as a way of staying active. Skiing gives them a chance to unwind and recharge their batteries. What’s more, the ski instructors are on hand to provide useful tips to make the sport even more fun.


Activities that serve the community are very important to Binder. This also includes institutions offering people a way to explore free-time activities, such as skiing, which can prove to be highly rewarding and enjoyable.