This special coating stops the glass from clouding up

September 2017 TIMELESS coating
TIMELESS coating

Constant climate chambers given innovative TIMELESS coating to prevent glass corrosion


From now on, TIMELESS coating will be applied to all glass interior doors in BINDER constant climate chambers with humidity control. This special coating stops the glass from clouding up.


Tuttlingen –  September 2017: BINDER GmbH, the world’s leading specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, provides ultimate precision and premium quality “Made in Germany.” These values are clearly reflected in the company’s latest product feature. Over the coming months, all BINDER constant climate chambers with humidity control and a glass interior door will be equipped with the innovative TIMELESS coating. “Over time, glass doors in standard climate chambers usually develop a milky, cloudy appearance that is impossible to remove. This damage to the glass is caused by the structure of the glass surface changing due to chemical or physical influences,”


explains Miriam Faude, BINDER Product Manager. “The new TIMELESS coating stops this clouding from appearing in the first place, providing the glass with permanent protection against glass corrosion.” The layer is formed in a special industrial magnetron sputtering process, during which a highly resistant metal oxide coating is applied to the glass, providing permanent protection for the surface. This coating guarantees that the panel stays clear with a smooth surface in the long term. In addition, it is much harder for any residues and dirt to adhere to the surface once coated, meaning that the glass interior door will be easier to clean than untreated glass. 


By introducing this innovation, the Tuttlingen-based company is once again living up to its reputation as a supplier of premium-quality products. “The term ‘premium’ is thrown around a lot these days, but at BINDER, we do not just make empty claims – we always follow through on our promises. We have set new standards within the market time and time again with our product innovations and technological developments. And the TIMELESS coating is yet another example of this,” says CEO Peter M. Binder. Global company Saint-Gobain Glass, Europe’s leading manufacturer of flat glass, provides BINDER with the glass door coating.


BINDER’s commitment to achieving perfection in every detail is a common thread that runs through the entire product range. All BINDER units are made from premium materials and the company’s unique technologies continue to set new industry standards. For example, CO2 incubators from BINDER are automatically sterilized virtually overnight with hot air, reducing the risk of contamination to an absolute minimum. The optimized APT.line preheating chamber technology has a new airflow concept that ensures improved spatial temperature distribution, better recovery times, and maximum temperature accuracy.