BINDER offers the best efficiency on the market

September 2018 Our fantastic new freezer

Reliable and environmentally friendly: The new BINDER freezer hits the market

BINDER's new UF V ultra low temperature freezers are the most efficient of their kind, with low energy consumption that significantly cuts operating costs and has a positive impact on the environment. What's more, the freezers do not contain any refrigerants that pose any harm to the environment either – making them environmentally sound through and through.

The multi-layered safety concept allows users to adapt the equipment to suit their specific needs. The UF V freezers are available in sizes of 500 and 700 liters. With their sophisticated equipment options and practical accessories, they provide a consistently reliable solution for storing valuable, sensitive samples. The innovative gasket concept reduces the tendency for ice to build up and, at the same time, makes it easier to scrape ice off.

Available from September, the new freezer combines reliability with the utmost energy efficiency. The door can be opened manually using an ergonomic door latch handle or at the touch of a button using an electromechanical door locking mechanism. A NumPad is provided for personalized access control. The ultra low temperature freezer features highly effective thermal insulation plus a corrosion-resistant usable space made of stainless steel.