Everything you need to know about cell cultivation

May 2019 Select Science

An expert talks ideal growth conditions


BINDER not only offers the best in products and the best in service, but also the best in consulting. That’s what the three triangles in the BINDER logo represent. The BINDER promise is even reflected in the triangle that appears on BINDER chambers.


But what form do BINDER’s comprehensive consulting services actually take? Well, let’s look at an example: BINDER’s new webinar on CO2 incubators. In this new video on BINDER TV, Product Manager Dr. Jens Thielmann mainly focuses on the ideal growth conditions that cells need in an incubator; after all, it is exactly these conditions that BINDER creates for its users.

The video gives a good general overview of everything you need to know about CO2 incubators. Biologist and Product Manager Dr. Jens Thielmann is a real expert on the issue of cell growth in incubators. So if you want to gain in-depth knowledge of cell cultivation, you should watch the new webinar on BINDER TV at www.binder-world.com.

The webinar will also tell you what equipment a CO2 incubator needs to offer cells a perfect environment for growth. Dr. Thielmann also explains the right way to prevent contamination, which can be fatal for cell growth.


In addition, there is a detailed examination of the technical options for promoting cell growth.
Watch the webinar now; we are sure you will find the information useful.