The Solid.Line range fits the bill

March 2019 New sizes

Solid.Line family gains new additions


BINDER’s constant climate chambers are increasingly being tailored to meet the specific requirements of users.

Following the successful launch of the Solid.Line range of constant climate chambers, featuring interior volumes of 240 and 720 liters, the family is now welcoming two new additions that will allow the Tuttlingen-based company to accommodate its customers’ varied applications even more. The two new sizes of 115 and 1020 liters once again open up a whole new range of possibilities for users.


The KBF-S series – designed for applications such as long-term testing and accelerated stability testing of pharmaceutical products in accordance with the ICH Q1A guideline – had already proven itself in practice. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that BINDER’s developers received about it encouraged them to develop the Solid.Line range even further.

The strong features that have always been a part of Solid.Line units will be available in the new model sizes too. Users will be able to achieve an ideal environment for testing thanks to a temperature range of 0°C to 70°C and a relative humidity range of 0% to 80% RH. The APT.line™ preheating chamber technology, designed to maintain test conditions with long-term stability, is also delivering one of BINDER’s latest innovations. Not only that, but the internal data logger also makes it possible to read out measured values in an open format via USB.


Yet another benefit is the fact that the new constant climate chambers are able to control temperature and humidity with total precision. Last but not least, the new Solid.Line range is marketed at an attractive price point – making it an appealing alternative to the premium end of BINDER’s product scale. If you would like more advice on this, the BINDER team of experts will be delighted to assist you!