Bloggers focus on CO2 incubators

January 2019 New blog post online

Research can only succeed if hygiene is right


Anyone who works with BINDER incubators may well be eager to read the latest blog post on the BINDER website, Contamination control in a medical laboratory. It's also a worthwhile read for those who might only be interested in a gassed incubator.


Biological contamination in cell cultures poses a huge risk. The incubator must be the safest component in the workflow. Most problems occur upstream and downstream of incubation in a gassed incubator. Since mycoplasma and minute fungal spores can spread through the ambient air in a laboratory, the human body continues to pose the most serious threat to hygiene.

The consequences are far-reaching: instances of contamination can destroy entire test series. Our latest blog post describes how contamination can occur. The information it contains could be crucial in helping you to avoid errors and problems during lab work.


Ultimately, a high-quality CO2 incubator is vital to success when working with cell cultures. This is what BINDER does best, of course. Read our new blog post to find out exactly why hygiene is so important. We hope you enjoy your reading!