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September 2018 BINDER sponsors prize

BINDER supports young researchers


The German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) has presented the BINDER Innovation Prize to Professor Carsten Grashoff at its International Meeting in Leipzig. He intends to use the EUR 4000 prize money to continue his research at the University of Münster.


Having spent eleven years studying molecular forces in cells, Professor Grashoff was delighted to see his work receive public recognition. This year's ceremony was an extra special occasion for BINDER as it marked the 20th winner of the BINDER Innovation Prize since it was launched in 1998.

Professor Grashoff impressed the jury with his technique for measuring molecular forces in living cells. He uses FRET-based biosensors – which are already used to investigate other cell interactions – for visualization purposes. They make it possible to quantify tiny forces under the microscope using different colors. This new method offers huge potential as a universal tool for measuring molecular forces in cells and promises to provide completely new insights in many areas of scientific and medical research, including that of cancer research.


Over the past eleven years, Professor Grashoff's work has required large quantities of cells. Without the help of gassed incubators, none of his laboratory research would have been possible. This makes BINDER, the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, all the more delighted to be able to continue supporting this undertaking.