Product video of the C170

September 2017 Product video of the C170
Product video of the C170

Why is it that cells grow so well in the BINDER CO2 incubator?


Take a look at the inner workings of the C170 – don’t just stay on the outside, get involved!


Why is less more? This will all be revealed. Simply open the door and take a look inside. Learn how the 180° hot-air sterilization works. What happens to your samples? Why do contaminants not stand a chance in the BINDER CO2 incubator? Our compelling video sheds light on all of this.


What can you expect to see in the CO2 incubator product video?

  1. Interior design concept
  2. Autosterilization
  3. Humidification system
  4. CO2 gas application


Curious? Take a look at the C170 product video here.