Lab work is now a real pleasure

October 2018 An innovative choice from BINDER

A whole host of new options thanks to the multi management software


This is an exciting year for all BINDER fans. A vast array of new products have already been launched on the market and now APT-COM 4 – our multi management software – is ready to go.


Smart, flexible, and easy to use – say hello to the new APT-COM 4 from BINDER. Working with  BINDER simulation chambers is now even more enjoyable than ever. A whole host of new advantages are also at the ready too.


We can let you in on a couple of them already – first up is the clear way that units can be set up with multiple identification filters. With its simple and intuitive menu, you can use the software with ease whenever you like. So there's nothing to delay you taking your first measurements!

The new room plan also enables you to gain a good overview of your units. Alarm messages and target/actual values for up to 100 units can be displayed at the same time in this view. You can now find out where your units are and what their statuses are at a glance and at any time.

A huge variety of new graphical options are also available too. You can make tailored changes to your measured data and compare the values of multiple chambers in one single step. Individual areas can be highlighted graphically, allowing you to evaluate the results in an instant and with maximum accuracy.


And even better, you can create your own profile in the language of your choice, enabling you to work in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Other users, on the other hand, can work in a different language without having to log out.

If you're inclined to forget something, the timer can be set to remind you to complete certain tasks. You can also set multiple reminders for the same time to ensure that all your responsibilities are taken care of and you can get started with your meticulous lab work.


With the new multi management software, you can also graphically program your work. Click in the graphic and change the form of the chart to match your programmed configuration. And there's no risk of anything going wrong because the software is clever – if the unit can't work with certain values, they won't be programmed. It's therefore impossible for the unit to exceed its threshold values.

And if that isn't enough, you are sure to be delighted with the GLP-compliant system log. Using this, each user can demonstrate at any time that their data has not been influenced in any way whatsoever. In other words, the new multi-management software is tamper-proof.


Take up the many advantages that a simulation chamber can bring to your work – you will be amazed!