Battery research in BINDER chambers

January 2018 A visit to the laboratory at the University of Warwick

Warwick University relies on BINDER chambers

The University of Warwick in the UK is successfully using BINDER simulation chambers from Tuttlingen in its research work. The newly founded Energy Innovation Centre, part of the International Automotive Research Centre (IARC), is working on the development of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. The aim is for batteries to be made more efficient in the near future, and for this reason scientists also need ever better climate chambers. So, with BINDER chambers, they have most likely found exactly the product they need, "Because the more powerful the batteries become, the more dangerous the tests in the laboratory. The scientists therefore need absolute safety," says Mark Amor-Segan, engineer at the new test center. In the new video interview on the "Select Science" website, the scientist emphasizes that safety will become even more important in the context of battery tests over the next few years.


At the moment, the scientists at the University of Warwick are fully reliant on BINDER chambers, at least this is shown in the film, which takes the viewer into the laboratory. One BINDER chamber after another can be seen in it, as essential prerequisites for meticulous research work.