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11 April 2018 The world of CO₂ incubators

All of the key facts in one place for you!

20 April 2017 LED strip light accessories

LED strip lights can be used for biological applications requiring reduced luminous intensities.

21 October 2016 Validation and qualification

White paper: Validation and qualification 

10 October 2016 Hot air sterilization

Method of disinfection for CO₂ incubators

22 August 2016 Accelerated shelf-life testing

White paper: Accelerated shelf-life testing for natural colorants

11 August 2016 APT.line™

Working priciple of the APT.line™ preheating chamber technology

08 July 2016 Peltier technology

White paper: Modern Peltier cooling technology 

07 July 2016 Consumer behavior

Whitepaper: Trends in consumer behavior (food)

01 March 2016 Cell cultivation

White Paper: Means of contamination control in CO₂ incubators