Humidity test chambers

BINDER humidity chambers stand out when testing material behaviors under constant temperature and humidity conditions.

A humidity test chamber of the KBF P and KBF LQC Series also offers ICH-compliant illumination for standard-compliant long-term tests. In combination with the innovative Light Quantum Control (LQC), they offer a complete reliable solution for photostability testing in one chamber.

Wide temperature and humidity ranges can be achieved with KMF Series chambers—ideal for complex stress tests at, for instance, 85 °C and 85 % RH.

Series KBF | Humidity test chambers with large temperature / humidity range

Series KBF P | Humidity test chambers with ICH-compliant light source

Series KBF LQC | Humidity test chambers with ICH-compliant light source and light dose control

Series KMF | Humidity test chambers with expanded temperature / humidity range