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Chancellor meets BINDER chambers

German national news program Tagesschau shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel with BINDER chambers


The high-security laboratory at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin was opened at the beginning of February. German Chancellor Merkel was invited to the opening of the new laboratory. During a tour of the laboratory, the Chancellor was able to see for herself the vast safety precautions which have been put in place by the Institute to protect researchers from Ebola and Lassa while they are studying these highly dangerous viruses. The opening and visit by the Chancellor were recorded by the broadcaster RBB Berlin and shown on the German news program Tagesschau on Germany's “ARD” television channel on February 3, 2015. The Robert Koch Institute is equipped with several BINDER chambers. These can be seen clearly next to Angela Merkel in the video clip. The BINDER UF V ultra low temperature freezer is particularly prominent.


Watch the video in German:



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