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11 May 2017 BINDER C170 CO2 Incubator Stack Promotion

Are you working with applications in the cell culture laboratory?  Check out the features of the BINDER's C 170 CO2 incubator and take advantage of our special promotion.

11 May 2017 Humidity Test Chamber Promotion

Looking for space-saving countertop or high capacity storage test solutions? Get innovative technical results and comprehensive equipment options by choosing BINDER Humidity Test Chambers.

03 April 2017 LED light bar sets now available as accessories

These new LED light bars can be used for biological applications requiring reduced luminous intensity and/or a specific day/night cycle.

03 April 2017 Custom-made rotating shakers

Since April 1, custom-made rotating shakers have been available as an accessory for CO2 incubators from 150 L to ensure the optimum incubation of suspension cell cultures.

17 March 2017 Prof. Behl’s research looks into pathomechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Prof. Christian Behl is the Director of the Institute for Pathobiochemistry at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. In 2011, he was awarded the BINDER Innovation Prize and the findings of his research into pathomechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases later led to a new macroautophagy pathway being described for the first time. The scientist’s research contributions are aiding us in significantly furthering our understanding of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

17 March 2017 Win a picnic cool bag from the Easter Bunny

The BINDER Easter Bunny has hidden a few eggs for you to find on our website. Once you spot them, just let us know which chamber they were in and you will be entered into our prize draw for the chance to win a picnic cool bag.

17 March 2017 Swiss manufacturer BMC produces carbon frames for racing bikes

BINDER heating chambers in the FED series provide racing bike manufacturer BMC with a uniform drying climate at constant humidity for the curing of epoxy resin and the drying and curing of painted coatings, printing, and assembly adhesives.

16 March 2017 New unit size for temperature and climate tests involving small components

In the electronics and automotive supply industry in particular, it is mainly small components that need to be put through their paces in material tests. With this in mind, a new model designed specifically for small-scale tests has been added to the MK and MKF series.

16 March 2017 New program controller for simulation chambers with light and humidity

The new BINDER program controller boasts innovative features and is incredibly intuitive to operate.