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21 February 2019 New insights into incubators

BINDER’s experts regularly provide useful tips to help you with your work. 

21 February 2019 Everything you need to know about photostability testing

BINDER’s experts have created a new information page for you.

07 February 2019 Andreas Ostermeier wins golf competition at Munich trade fair

At the Electronica trade fair, BINDER GmbH ran a prize draw for a place on a golf taster course.

07 February 2019 New information page provides valuable information

Those with a keen interest in cell cultivation cannot afford to miss BINDER’s new information page.

07 February 2019 German Fasnet or Brazilian Carnival?

Fasnet, Germany’s answer to Mardi Gras, is a wonderful occasion. But how do they celebrate at the Carnival festivities over in Brazil? Find out here.

29 January 2019 New Multi Management Software

BINDER GmbH has its finger firmly on the pulse with its new APT-COM 4.

24 January 2019 Great achievement for young trainee

Trainee Robin Langlotz produced three mini BINDER chambers under his own steam.

23 January 2019 Freezer with water cooling saves energy

The freezer with water cooling can be used to heat a room.

20 December 2018 BINDER honored for innovative capacity

The magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” has named BINDER as one of the ten most innovative companies in Germany.