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09 November 2017 Program Controller Deployed on BINDER Inc. Environmental Test Chambers

A new program controller, offered on a range of BINDER Inc. environmental test chambers, provide accuracy, safety and security.

20 October 2017 Invitation for a quick product review

We invite you to complete a two-minute product review with SelectScience - the website most trusted by scientists.

17 October 2017 Grand ceremony marking the opening of the new production facility

BINDER ushers in a new era with an exclusive ceremony to mark the opening of its state-of-the-art production hall.

28 September 2017 Stem cell research into healing musculoskeletal disorders

The Center for Musculoskeletal Research at the University of Rochester in New York is working on healing bones and fractures using mesenchymal stem cell research.

28 September 2017 A pioneering decontamination concept

BINDER CO2 incubators win over expert with well-thought-out decontamination concept.

28 September 2017 Product video of the C170

The BINDER C170 product video depicts the inner workings of the CO2 incubator down to the last detail in an informative manner.

25 September 2017 Glass stays clear without clouding in the long term

Thanks to the new TIMELESS coating applied to glass interior doors in constant climate chambers, changes to the surface resulting in a milky, cloudy appearance are a thing of the past.

25 September 2017 All important information and features relating to CO2 incubators

Buyer's Guide, blog, and video animation provide users with comprehensive information on CO2 incubators and offer a quick overview of the most important criteria when purchasing.

25 September 2017 All-round expert support

BINDER attaches the utmost importance to providing a first-rate service. A worldwide service network offers expert advice and support.