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14 February 2018 BINDER responds to customers' requirements

The new controller allows error messages to be quickly transmitted to BINDER, saving service technicians the time and effort of making an extra trip. 

02 February 2018 What you need to know about CO2 incubators…

BINDER incubators have so much to offer. All tips and tricks surrounding them can now be found on the pillar page.

25 January 2018 Huge demand for BINDER chambers in North America

Uwe Ross, a German who has lived in the USA for many years, leads BINDER INC.

22 January 2018 BINDER library adds a real rarity to its collection

The Hungarian Foreign Minister presented a very special gift to BINDER GmbH at the opening of its COMPETENCE FACTORY.

22 January 2018 BINDER incubators are available with a four-piece copper set

Scientists who want to use an incubator with copper equipment in their work are in exactly the right place at BINDER.

16 January 2018 BINDER CO2 incubators with rotating shakers are highly appreciated

The CO2 incubators with rotating shakers have passed the first stress test and are in increasing demand. 

15 January 2018 New patroness for Dianiño foundation

Foundation founder Ingrid Binder has a new patroness at her side, Elke Büdenbender.

15 January 2018 Battery research in BINDER chambers

The Energy Innovation Centre uses BINDER chambers to carry out battery tests.

15 December 2017 BINDER chambers in a chic design and with a new size

The size 720 incubators and drying chambers with Avantgarde.Line technology will be available in January.