Products 05-05-2022

The world of CO₂ incubators

The world of CO₂ incubators is complex. For this reason, BINDER has created a page to explain everything you need to know about incubators. Depending on your question or application, this page can provide a quick overview or valuable assistance when working with CO₂ incubators. An initial insight into the various topics is provided below:



A CO2 incubator is a gassed incubator which creates a natural atmosphere in order to develop cell and tissue cultures. The temperature, humidity, and CO2 content must match the cell culture requirements.




A CO2 incubator has a deep-drawn inner chamber which is completely sealed off from the environment. In conjunction with the absence of edges and slits, this keeps the risk of contamination low. A glass pane enables laboratory technicians to keep an eye on the growth without disturbing the cell environment. The challenge is to maintain the same conditions throughout the whole interior on a permanent basis.



CO₂ incubators are most frequently used in medical research and in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the gassed incubators are also used in other areas where cells need to be grown in sterile conditions.



There are guidelines for CO₂ incubators which are set by, for example, the pharmaceutical industry and which need to be observed. For this reason, all measurement data is recorded, checked, and archived. The Data Logger is used for this purpose.



There are a number of points to bear in mind when choosing an incubator – there are significant differences between the different versions! For example, it is good to know the extent of the contamination risk in the case in question. The unit must also be easy to operate and have a good interior design. And what about humidity management and CO₂ gassing? Does the unit provide the best possible conditions in this regard? All of these questions will ultimately help you to make the right decision.



CO₂ incubators are available with various exterior and interior dimensions, as well as different temperature ranges, humidity levels, and CO₂ emissions. It is important that users know what they need the CO₂ incubator for.



When choosing a CO₂ incubator, it is important to ensure good quality. If it is difficult to clean or if there are lots of wear parts, the user will have to bear a number of follow-up costs. A good CO₂ incubator, such as those from BINDER, will continue to work well for years to come.