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Climate chamber manufacturer

The innovative climate chamber manufacturer BINDER

BINDER GmbH is a family-owned company headquartered in Tuttlingen and has made the manufacture of climate chambers its core competency. As the world's largest specialist for simulation chambers, BINDER produces 23,000 units annually for delivery to customers in scientific and industrial laboratories. Products of the climate chamber manufacturer are sold around the world. BINDER has a total of four sales offices located in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Moscow. BINDER's global network advises its customers in over 135 countries on the various applications of climate chambers.


Manufacturer of climate chambers for numerous fields


As a climate chamber manufacturer, we cover a wide range of business and realize that every laboratory has different requirements for its ideal climate chamber. For this reason, we offer a large selection of products such as growth chambers, constant climate chambers and environmental simulation chambers. BINDER uses state-of-the-art technology in its climate chambers. For instance, BINDER developed its APT.line™, an exclusive chamber preheating technology that ensures homogeneous climatic conditions.


As a manufacturer of climate chambers, we are committed to our mission and obligations


Climate chamber manufacturers are responsible for a significant portion of the current research in pharmaceutical, medical and industrial laboratories. BINDER is well aware of this task and is developing new technologies that will contribute over the long term to improving peoples' health and safety. Dedication to social causes and the advancement of society is also close to our hearts. Since 1998 BINDER has awarded an annual prize for innovation to honor and support researchers in the field of cell biology for their work and new discoveries. BINDER has also supported the Dianiño Foundation, which benefits diabetic children, for a number of years.