Applications 05-05-2022

More and more manufacturers are turning to BINDER

Pure, high-quality cannabis products often come from a BINDER chamber

Cannabis is currently a hot topic. Many people are advocating full legalization in Germany but it is currently only permitted for medical purposes here. In the USA, they are one step ahead: Here, it is also legal as a narcotic for people aged 21 and over in twelve states. In Colorado and California, for example, the use of cannabis, including as a narcotic, is dealt with very openly. Shops have sprung up here that are open seven days a week and even provide a home-delivery service for customers.

The cannabis market is currently growing in the USA, as well as in Germany. However, not all cannabis products are actually advisable: In the USA, there have already been some deaths from e-cigarettes with liquid cannabis.

It is therefore all the more important to know where your cannabis product has come from, whether it been manufactured safely, and whether its quality has been tested. And this is where BINDER comes in once again: We offer the ideal solution for obtaining cannabis extract using an explosion-proof vacuum drying chamber. This is the only product of its kind on the market which is proven to be explosion-proof.


In the USA, where the cannabis market is now subject to stricter regulation and the products are quality-tested more and more, customers are increasingly relying on BINDER’s quality chambers. With these, they meet the requirements of all standards and additional upcoming regulations, which are expected in the near future. In other words, BINDER chambers are not just used to obtain perfectly pure cannabis extract, but also more and more for quality assurance.


The German market for cannabis is also growing. However, as explained above, cannabis can only be grown and used for medical purposes here; all other use is illegal. Even so, BINDER chambers are very much in demand here. Why? Because medicinal cannabis is said to have many positive effects and is even supposed to help with cancer, severe pain, and multiple sclerosis. What’s more, the manufacturers are paying particular care to how they make cannabis products and the equipment that they use. After all, those who make cannabis products have a great degree of responsibility, as their products are often used by seriously ill people.